L’Usine Nouvelle, December 5, 2023

6 Dec 2023

Winners of the 2023 Engineers of the Year Awards

The 20th edition of the Engineers of the Future Trophies organized by L'Usine Nouvelle and Industrie & Technologies took place on Tuesday December 5, 2023 in Paris.

Redesigned around the ecological and sustainable transition, it rewarded two men and a woman. They are Philippe Merino (Air Liquide), Sarah Lamaison (Dioxycle) and Julien Jacquety (Coldep).

Julien Jacquety receives the trophy for engineer of the year 2023 organized by the magazine L'Usine Nouvelle

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A native of Montpellier by adoption, Julien Jacquety was born in Agadir and lived in Morocco until the early 2000s. He has a master's degree in QSE project manager in aquaculture. His lab work with Ifremer and Insa Lyon led to the obtaining of two patents.

He has developed an innovative water treatment process: in a vertical column of several meters, microbubbles of compressed air (a so-called “airlift” process) are injected, and drain gases, microparticles or other liquids towards the surface. saturate water during industrial process.

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