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19 Feb 2024

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[RETURN TO WEBINAR] [RETURN TO WEBINAR] On Tuesday 02/27/24 at 12:00 p.m., Coldep hosted a webinar dedicated to agri-food manufacturers and stakeholders in the water treatment sector (integrators, design offices, etc.) to discuss innovation in the treatment of water from their industrial processes, with a focus on REUT standards and projects.

👉 👉 The agri-food sector consumes large volumes of water, thus presenting a major challenge for the valorization of its effluents (REUT) as well as the resulting sludge (Methanization).

Bertrand Barrut, scientific director of Coldep, presented a concrete project using VAL technology and its specificities. 

The first part of the session was dedicated to explaining the VAL™ process, which allows efficient separation of suspended matter in water using adsorption, electrostatic forces and flotation. This technology can filter large volumes of water (5 to 600 m³/h), concentrate suspended particles up to 100 times, and remove up to 99% from particles present in the water.

There The second part discussed the data and feedback, including the results of tests on different types of effluent and the practical case of an industrial site for ready meals having adopted the VAL INDUS solution. This technology has improved performance while significantly reducing operating costs thanks to limited maintenance, very reduced energy consumption and recovery of sludge via a methanization circuit.

If you are potentially interested in the webinar topic, we can send you a WeTransfer with the full video of the session.

▶️ Here is a 1'30 video presented during the webinar, which summarizes VAL INDUS technology: 

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