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  The treatment of industrial water is an increasingly central issue. With its experience in sometimes international research projects, COLDEP technology provides a solution to the technical limitations encountered by current treatment systems:

  • High concentration of pathogens
  • Very large volume to be treated
  • Presence of fatty elements that are difficult to treat
  • Harmfulness of current products
  • Energy cost of the solutions implemented to solve these problems
particulate extraction - biosecurity - compatibility

Treatment of industrial effluents

The COLDEP process can treat water from industrial discharges in order to purify certain elements for which health regulations are increasingly drastic, such as the treatment of agrifood effluents, the extraction of iron, the clarification of leachates, etc.


Reduction of bacterial load

Less viral load

  • This technology makes it possible in particular to extract fatty products and oily materials, to ensure a COD (Chemical Oxygen Demand) in discharges of less than 2000 mg/L.
  • The purely physical nature of the COLDEP process uses no chemical additives or filters and reduces the environmental impact of waste treatment.
  • The entire installation is under a hood with gas discharges as needed, bringing a clear improvement in the air quality on the site.
  • The technology is compatible and strengthens the performance of other standard technologies: UV, coagulant-flocculants, etc.
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