Coldep finalist, October 10-14, 2023

Oct 8, 2023

We are proud 😊 that Coldep be a finalist in the “ Pollutec Innovations Awards” alongside 11 other great innovative clean tech companies 🚀🌏

Looking forward to seeing the team “pitch” our revolutionary industrial wastewater treatment technology 💧🏭🌱 in front of the Jury on 10/12 morning.

From now on, thank you 👍 PEXE – Eco-businesses in France of this selection among the hundred applications received 💪🏻

Pollutec Innovation Award 2023
Pollutec Innovation Award 2023 - Coldep technology selected among the 12 finalists
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Coldep Webinar

Register for our webinar (free) on Tuesday 02/27 (12:00-12:45).

You will discover an innovation in the treatment of water from industrial processes in the food industry (compliance with REUT standards and projects).

We will explain what makes VAL “vertical vacuum flotation” technology specific and we will share practical cases and performance data on different types of effluent.