Water treatment technology
by vertical vacuum flotation (patented process)


Hydraulic circulation


Management of dissolved gases


Particulate extraction

The processTM

A technological evolution

Coldep technology uses a unique patented process based on the injection of compressed air into a closed water circuit under vacuum. The formation of air microbubbles captures viruses, bacteria and suspended particles to transport them to the surface where they are collected.


Compared to standard treatment technologies, Coldep's innovation:

  • consumes significantly less energy (up to 8 times less)
  • for a higher level of performance (3 integrated extraction functions: solid, gaseous and liquid)
  • and with a lower operating cost (no clogging, no or few consumables).

The VAL solution was selected by the foundation Solar Impulse in 2021 among the 1000 global innovations reference in the fight against climate change.

First adopted in aquaculture (as a RAS device, Recirculating Aquaculture System), VAL was adapted in 2022 to the water treatment sector – food industry, chemistry, etc. – to treat and recycle effluent from industrial processes.

A water treatment solution for professionals with

multiple advantages

Our solution is based on technology from fish farming research. Having resulted in two patents and a thesis, Coldep's VAL (in its different versions: AQUA, INDUS, SALT) offers answers to the usual water treatment constraints.




Easy to maintain


Reliable & Durable





eco-light (1)


From patent… to prototype… to industrialization

10 years of research

Julien Jacquety created Coldep in 2012. Quickly joined by Bertrand Barrut, they work in close collaboration with the research organizations of IFREMER and INSA Lyon; until filing of 2 patents (n° 07/02308 & n°09/57898).

Coldep's VAL solution will then be subject to continuous improvement until it is industrialization in 2015. Standardization of the process and central tooling (the “column”) of the VAL solution is then carried out. Nowadays, 130 solutions have been installed, half of which are outside France.

In 2023 the Coldep team will strengthen. She realizes in October a fundraiser of 1 million euros (R&P fund, Ayomi) and at the same time sees Sébastien Latz and Brice Plossard join the management team, respectively as general manager and development director.

discover our different business sectors

Application areas

As a separation process, the coldep system can be used to purify water, recycle it, adapt it to the needs of an industrial process... But it is also a process of concentration, extraction and harvesting of materials suspended in water: biomass, molecules of interest, etc. Our system finds applications in aquaculture, the agri-food industry, the treatment of industrial effluents, the petroleum industry, etc. We are constantly developing our range of applications, contact us if you want to know more or test our system.

    Fish farming

    RAS (Recirculating Aquaculture System) VAL: hasimprove the performance of your fish farming installations with our system combining degassing (CO2 and O2) and particle extraction (viruses, bacteria, micro-algae)

    Shellfish farming

    Purify the water of your shellfish with our process to obtain unparalleled biosecurity and oxygenation performance.

    Industrial effluent treatment

    Optimize the treatment of wastewater from your industrial processes
    with an autonomous, energy-efficient solution
    and recovering residues. 

    Wastewater sanitation

    Optimize wastewater treatment with an autonomous, energy-efficient solution that can be integrated into a REUT project.


    Make your raceway microalgae culture more efficient. Water circulation, management of dissolved gases and concentrated harvest combined in a single device!


    Improve the quality of your aquarium water for transparent and pure water.

    Sea water purification

    Pre-treat seawater before use for your projects: Deoxygenation, Purification and Pre-desalination.


    Use our system in your carbon-free projects.

    Join those who trust us


    Participation in our research projects, financial support, promotion of our solutions, legal support... Coldep benefits from and appreciates the collective dynamic around its development: with several strategic partners who support us with loyalty and enthusiasm. 

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