Unique, multifunctional and economical water treatment technology

Water circulation

Regulation of dissolved gases

Particulate extraction

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A technological innovation

We develop and market an innovative vacuum airlift column process resulting from research between IFREMER and INSA Lyon. We offer reliable, high-performance and energy-saving turnkey solutions, the 3 main functions of which can be used separately or in combination.

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Complete services

As a design office, COLDEP is able to provide a complete response to the client's needs and to support them in their projects by offering a TURNKEY SOLUTION, comprising:

Project study

Production and supply

On-site installation

Assistance and follow-up

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Many fields of application

As a separation process, the coldep system can be used to purify water, recycle it, adapt it to the needs of an industrial process ... But it is also a process of concentration, extraction and for collecting suspended matter in water: biomass, molecules of interest ... Our system finds applications in aquaculture, the food industry, the treatment of industrial effluents, the petroleum industry, etc. We are constantly developing our range of applications, contact us if you want to know more or test our system.

Fish farming

Improve the performance of your fish farming facilities with our system combining degassing and particulate extraction!



Make your raceway microalgae culture more efficient: Water circulation, management of dissolved gases and concentrated harvest in a single device!

Shellfish farming

Purify the water of your shellfish with our process to obtain unparalleled biosecurity and oxygenation performance.


Improve the quality of your aquarium water in order to obtain transparent and pure water.

Water purification

Treat and recycle your wastewater and industrial effluents. The COLDEP system is applied to the treatment of water from industries and purification stations.

Seawater treatment

Pre-treat seawater before use for your projects: Deoxygenation, Purification and Pre-desalination.

CO₂ bioremediation

Use the potential of our system in your carbon-free projects.

Other applications

Many other fields of application can benefit from our technology.

stand out with a competitive system

Multiple advantages

Innovative and original, our system is based on a column resulting from fish farming research. Having resulted in two patents and a thesis, the COLDEP column is by definition innovative. Its original design offers answers to the usual constraints of water treatment.


Easy to maintain

Reliable & Durable




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