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Discover the VAL INDUS process from Coldep

30 Apr 2024

At Coldep, we are passionate about innovation and sustainability. This is why we are proud to present our latest progress in water treatment: the process VAL INDUS. We invite you to discover this revolutionary technology through an animation video of 90 seconds which clearly explains how we transform industrial wastewater into a sustainable resource.  ▶️

Our technique, called vertical vacuum flotation, is a breakthrough innovation that promises to leave no secrets for you. Through this short video, you will understand not only how our patented process works, but also the benefits it brings to the different players in the water sector – from manufacturers to integrators, including communities and water supply offices. 'studies. 

The VAL INDUS process is designed to offer an efficient and environmentally friendly solution to the persistent problem of industrial wastewater. By transforming these waters into useful resources, we not only help protect our environment, but also create value for our partners and customers.🌱

We can't wait to show you how our innovation can change water management in your sector. Watch our video and see for yourself the advantages of the VAL INDUS process. Join us in our mission for a cleaner, more sustainable future.  👏

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