Sébastien Latz and Brice Plossard, respectively Managing Director and Development Director, receive the 2023 Innovation Trophy from the FNIL (Dairy Industry)

Coldep receives the 2023 Innovation Trophy

13 Dec 2023

The team of Coldep is very proud to have received the 2023 innovation trophy last night from the #milktech 🙂 🥛🐮

There National Federation of the Dairy Industry (FNIL) gave us this award to demonstrate the interest of our breakthrough technology in water treatment;

particularly suited to meeting the challenges of stakeholders in the dairy sector.

coldep kitchen seminar

We are grateful to the jury for choosing us among all the innovations considered.

Sébastien Latz and Brice Plossard represented the company at the ceremony.

Thanks to Sophie Geissler, director of the Vaubernier cheese shop for giving us this award. A big congratulations for the organization François-Xavier HuardMagali Lafleur and the great FNIL team.

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