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19 Mar 2024

During the recent Crossroads of Local Management Water in Rennes, Sébastien Latz, the general director of Coldep, participated in a dynamic “flash interview”. This event was an exceptional opportunity to highlight what Coldep can bring to manufacturers in the treatment of their wastewater. 

The interview was structured around three questions essential which allowed Sébastien to detail the distinct advantages of our technologies: 

  • What does Coldep offer? 
  • What are the advantages of your solution? 
  • Tell us about a concrete case of application of the Coldep solution. 

Each response highlighted our commitment to innovation and our ability to proactively address the complex requirements of industrial wastewater treatment.

▶️ Here is the video of the interview to discover in more detail Coldep's contributions to the treatment of industrial wastewater.  

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