The team

Coldep has been managed since 2023 by a “quartet” with 4 personalities with complementary profiles. They agree on their values (respect, commitment and “fighting optimism”). And they also share a common ambition to make Coldep a key player in the treatment of waste and/or salt water.



Founding President

44 years

Sébastien LATZ

Sébastien LATZ

general manager

45 years old
Sciences Po / EM Lyon

Bertrand BARRUT

Bertrand BARRUT

r&d director

41 years
Doctor / Patent co-editor



development director

44 years
EM Lyon

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Our history

The beginnings of the scientific duo

At the end of the 2000s, a quartet worked on a revolutionary vacuum column process to treat and recycle water. It brings together two doctoral students, Julien Jacquety and Bertrand Barrut, and two research professors: François René from the IFREMER station in Palavas-les-Flots and Jean-Yves Champagne from INSA Lyon.

The tests proved conclusive. Two international patents have been filed (N°07/02308 and N°09/57898). They make it possible to exploit the principle of airlift, foaming-skimming coupled with a partial vacuum. It is a revolutionary approach in that it combines 3 functions simultaneously: hydraulic circulation, regulation of dissolved gases and particle extraction.

The Coldep company is created. She designed the VAL which moved from the prototype state to the industrialization phase in the 2010s thanks to a strategic partnership with the company OMEGA. The latter has a contract to create the central part of the VAL (its column). 

COLDEP, a growing start-up

The company is immediately deploying its solution in aquaculture by providing the central device of any operation (its RAS) to treat water (saline or fresh) in a circular manner and at very high flow rates.

In 2022, Coldep is designing a modified version to be adapted to the industrial effluent treatment sector in the agri-food and chemical sectors.

In 2023, Coldep raises €1 million in funds and sees its management team strengthened with the arrival of Sébastien Latz and Brice Plossard, respectively general manager and development director.

team photo
within the Coldep team, we first share 

Our values

A pioneering spirit

We love adventure. We are passionate about our profession. We are ready to discover new sectors of activity that can benefit from our technology in order to better preserve water resources.


We have confidence in ourselves and our technology. We cherish and work hard to be worthy of the trust that our historic customers have in us after installing our solutions in their homes. 

Our engagement

We share within the team a “combat optimism”. We all believe that there is no “planet B”. We want to participate at our level in preserving the most precious resource for life: WATER.


Join us

Coldep is at the forefront of clean-tech, driven by a passion for developing innovative water treatment solutions. We aspire to ensure a future where water, the source of all life, remains clean and accessible for all generations to come.

Beyond the job offers that you will find posted here, we are always on the lookout for new talents.

If you have a passion for the environment, specific expertise in water management – whether in aquaculture or industry – or feel you can make a meaningful contribution to our team, we would be glad to hear from you.