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Application areas

The main difficulties encountered with RAS (water recirculation) systems in aquaculture are addressed with Coldep's VAL solution.

  • Superior product quality thanks to better water quality (oxygenation and treatment of particles: from viruses to micro-algae)
  • Low initial investment by replacing multiple single-function components
  • Reduced operating costs thanks to high energy efficiency and elimination of chemicals

Fish farming

RAS (Recirculating Aquaculture System) VAL: hasimprove the performance of your fish farming installations with our system combining degassing (CO2 and O2) and particle extraction (viruses, bacteria, micro-algae)

Shellfish farming

Purify the water of your shellfish with our process to obtain unparalleled biosecurity and oxygenation performance.


Make your raceway microalgae culture more efficient. Water circulation, management of dissolved gases and concentrated harvest combined in a single device!


Improve the quality of your aquarium water for transparent and pure water.