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2005-2008: The beginnings of the scientific duo

Julien Jacquety, founder and manager, leaned over the column when he was an engineering student in aquaculture. During an internship, he must operate the process devised by two researchers, François René from the IFREMER station in Palavas-les-Flots and Jean-Yves Champagne from INSA in Lyon. During this period, he made the acquaintance of Bertrand Barrut, also in internship, who intends to carry out a thesis on the famous column.
The transition from theory to practice took place in 2005 thanks to the pair who designed the first prototype. This is the start of the adventure!

In 2006 additional tests made it possible to validate the efficiency of the process for its three functions and thus to write the first patent for the vacuum column filed the following year (No. 07 02308).

In 2007, Julien Jacquety and Bertrand Barrut again confirmed all of his results in the treatment of water from recirculating aquaculture farms, in temperate conditions at IFREMER, in tropical conditions at ARDA in Reunion Island. .

In 2008, Julien Jacquety decided to create COLDEP and started its incubation within CREALYS in Lyon. Bertrand Barrut, he is starting his thesis on the vacuum column process which will validate the interest of the process with the scientific community.

2011-2021: COLDEP, a growing start-up

Thus, on October 4, 2011, COLDEP was created by Julien Jacquety. Shortly after, Bertrand defended his thesis and joined the company as R&D director from June 2012. The start-up began to install its first prototypes designed in PVC by a plasturgist. COLDEP grants a sub-license to SEAREN to market the process in the USA.

In 2013, COLDEP created a privileged partnership with the OMEGA COMPOSITE company based in Tangier, Morocco, which will design all future columns and other elements in polyester resins, allowing COLDEP to obtain greater flexibility in design and marketing.

In 2014, COLDEP carried out its first fundraising.

Currently, COLDEP continues its development by making its vacuum column process more reliable and by opening up new strategic axes. The company employs 8 people and achieves a turnover of 700 k€.

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Through these few videos and articles on the web, find out more about our technology, its advantages and the projects COLDEP has taken on in various fields of application.

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For more than 8 years, COLDEP and its many projects have been the subject of regular press articles. We invite you to find out more about our company's vision and the solutions we provide to various problems, all with respect for the environment and biomass.

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Our scientific publications

COLDEP and its team rely on the strong scientific expertise of our founding team to contribute to research and scientific innovation in this promising field. Discover our own publications below, as well as those where we are mentioned.

Water delivery capacity of a vacuum airlift - Application to water recycling in aquaculture systems

Posted in Aquacultural Engineering
Volume 48, May 2012, Pages 31-39

Mass transfer efficiency of a vacuum airlift — Application to water recycling in aquaculture systems

Posted in Aquacultural Engineering
Volume 46, January 2012, Pages 18-26