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Wastewater treatment is an increasingly central issue. With its experience in sometimes international research projects, COLDEP technology provides a solution to the technical limitations encountered by current treatment systems:

  • High concentration of pathogens
  • Very large volume to be treated
  • Presence of fatty elements that are difficult to treat
  • Harmfulness of current products
  • Energy cost of the solutions implemented to solve these problems
particulate extraction - biosecurization

Treatment of urban effluents

The COLDEP column has been validated as a solution to the challenges of reuse of agricultural wastewater within the framework of the project. Life + Biosolware. The process has demonstrated its ability to extract particles and dissolved organic matter (clarifying action), as well as pathogens (biosecurity action).

Maximum concentration of suspended solids (MES) in the water discharged after our treatment


Turbidity reduction

  • The micro-bubbles created in the system trap impurities as they rise and create a froth at the top of the column. This foam which is sucked up by the vacuum carries with it the particles which are trapped inside.
  • This technology also makes it possible to extract fatty products and oily materials.
  • Its involvement in “reuse” research for pioneering foreign countries makes COLDEP a French pioneer in agricultural wastewater treatment.
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