sea water treatment
The COLDEP process simplifies the water pretreatment stages of various industrial activities, particularly in desalination and petrochemicals, thanks to its performance in gas management and particulate extraction:

  • Possibility of depleting water in one gas and / or enriching it in another.
  • Extraction of particles <40 µm, bacteria, viruses, dissolved materials, oils, hydrocarbons.
  • Water loss less than 1 % of the initial volume.
degassing - compatibility - particulate extraction

Water treatment in the Oil & Gas sector

The bubbles associated with the vacuum make it possible to achieve unprecedented performance in degassing and purification. COLDEP thus provides an innovative solution to different stages of process water management, in particular: treatment of raw seawater before injection, and treatment of process water before reinjection.

Maximum concentration in WHERE of the discharged water

Electricity consumption per m³ of treated water

Maximum concentration of oils / hydrocarbons in discharged water

Particle extraction efficiency

Treated water flow / hour

No coagulants-flocculants, no filters

The free passage design of the COLDEP column allows water treatment without risk of clogging, easy to use and low maintenance. The possibility of extracting the gases and materials present within the same process makes it possible to reduce the number of equipment used.

sea water treatment
Particulate extraction - Compatibility - Biosecurity

Water pre-treatment before desalination

The COLDEP process makes it possible to simplify the stages of pre-treatment of seawater before desalination, by providing a solution to the main technical constraints impacting reverse osmosis membranes: Clogging of filters linked to particles in the water – Impacts and cost of chemical additives – Energy cost of the solutions put in place to solve these problems.

Particle extraction efficiency

Maximum electricity consumption per m³ of treated water

Treated water flow / h

No consumables or filters used

The microbubbles created in the system trap impurities as they rise and create a scum at the top of the column. This scum which is sucked up by the vacuum carries with it the particles which are trapped inside. These extracted particles are between 0.3 and 100 µm and are not trapped in conventional systems. This free passage technology thus never clogs or develops preferential passages.