More than half of Coldep's installations are located outside France. Over the years, we have built partnerships in several countries. Their formats may vary from one country to another depending on Coldep's partner company: from the integrator trained by us to a company with an exclusive mandate in its area.

If you are a water engineering company, an installer of complex water treatment solutions, a specialist in RAS systems in aquaculture… let's chat. 

Our ambition is to collaborate with visionary partners, ready to adopt innovative solutions to address global water challenges.

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Our international partners play a crucial role in expanding our vision. By partnering with Coldep, you benefit from globally recognized expertise and continuous technical support for the realization of ambitious projects.

We value the diversity and innovation that each region of the world can bring.

Together, we have the capacity to provide tailor-made solutions to meet the specific challenges of each geographic area.

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If our global vision for the future of water resonates with yours, we invite you to explore the benefits of a successful international collaboration with Coldep.