Engineering Techniques, December 22, 2023

22 Dec 2023

Coldep breathes new life into water treatment

December 2023: Created twelve years ago, Coldep brings an innovation that represents a breakthrough technology in the field of water treatment. Called Vacuum AirLift, the three-in-one process proves to be particularly efficient, energy efficient, uses little land space and also makes it possible to obtain recoverable material. Historically anchored in the aquaculture sector, cleantech is now exploring other avenues, such as the treatment of industrial effluents, and is also carrying out several research projects. After the announcement, recently, of a fundraising of €1 million, Coldep took advantage of its presence a few days ago in the Innovation Village of the CYCL'EAU Provence-Alpes show. Méditerranée to present its latest advances, its demonstrator, and develop its partnerships.

Julien Jacquety receives the trophy for engineer of the year 2023 organized by the magazine L'Usine Nouvelle

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VAL. Three letters behind which hides a truly disruptive technology, an innovative process for water treatment, protected by two patents: Vacuum AirLift. Today supported by the Montpellier company Coldep, the innovation was born a dozen years ago from the intuition of Julien Jacquety and Bertrand Barrut, then respectively an engineering student and PhD student. Sensing the possibility of treating and recycling water used in a closed circuit in the field of aquaculture via a vacuum particle extraction column system, the two scientists embarked on tests, which they carried out in collaboration with two teacher-researchers from renowned institutes, INSA Lyon and Ifremer“Quickly, they realized that it worked! », traces the man who joined the Coldep adventure last June to become its general director, Sébastien Latz. “Bertrand Barrut was then responsible for co-drafting the patents, while Julien Jacquety set about creating the company”, continues the CEO of Coldep. Prototyping and testing work followed, which led a few years later – around eight years ago – to the industrialization of the solution. “A strategic partnership was then established with the Moroccan company Omega responsible for producing the central element of the system: the column”, reveals Sébastien Latz.

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