Innovation in industrial water management

May 8, 2024

Industrial water: better management of scarcity

In the May issue of the Review Water, Industry, Nuisances, the article “ Industrial water: better manage scarcity » highlights the innovative technology of Coldep, THE VAL INDUS. This device stands out for its remarkable performance in industrial water management, in particular thanks to its energy efficiency, its ability to concentrate sludge and its optimization of spaces.

Operation of the VAL INDUS

THE VAL INDUS of Coldep is designed to effectively treat industrial wastewater. It uses advanced processes to maximize water recovery and reuse, thereby minimizing energy consumption. This system also helps to reduce the size of installations thanks to a compact and optimized design. 

Performance and Benefits

The advantages of VAL INDUS include: 

  • Energy sobriety : Significant reduction in energy consumption compared to traditional technologies. 
  • Sludge concentration : Improvement in residue management by concentrating sludge, which facilitates its treatment and disposal. 
  • Optimization of spaces : Compact design allowing easy integration into various industrial environments.

Link to the full article from Revue l’Eau l’Industrie les Nuissances here.

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