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Coldep Seminar, September 18-19, 2023

Oct 6, 2023

The values shared by a group of people cannot be decreed. They are lived, shared and embodied.

At the house of Coldep our 2 days of seminar this week in the Cévennes clearly highlighted part of what unites us:
– A pioneering spirit (adventure, innovation, courage, passion) 🧭
– Trust (in us, in our technology, that our customers have in us) ✊
– and commitment (for the “common good” most precious to life on earth: WATER) 💦

coldep meeting seminar
coldep kitchen seminar

So beyond the time of discussions that we had to work on Coldep's ambition for tomorrow, our organization, the priority projects...

We have created strong bonds because we are convinced that to be beautiful and successful, our project can only be collective and shared.

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Coldep Webinar

Register for our webinar (free) on Tuesday 02/27 (12:00-12:45).

You will discover an innovation in the treatment of water from industrial processes in the food industry (compliance with REUT standards and projects).

We will explain what makes VAL “vertical vacuum flotation” technology specific and we will share practical cases and performance data on different types of effluent.