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Discover our system
Cuve de sécurité ou Récolteur Armoire électrique Compresseur d'air Pompe à vide Colonne à dépression (VAL™) Séparateur gravitaire Bassin

Safety tank or harvester

  • In certain cases where gravity emptying is not sufficient or impossible, a safety tank can be positioned to remove what would not have been evacuated by the gravity separator.
  • The harvester makes it possible to recover the juices of interest, which are extremely concentrated. Its automation makes it possible to precisely regulate the volume to be extracted and to plan oil changes.

Electrical cabinet

Brain of the system, including in particular the automaton making it possible to manage the whole installation.

Air compressor


In some cases, the use of a compressor makes it possible to optimize the particulate extraction function by injecting microbubbles into the VAL. It is also possible to use a booster.

Vacuum pump

Heart of the system which allows to:

  1. Keep the system under vacuum and functional as an air-lift pump process (the circulation of a volume of air is 10 times less energy intensive than that of a volume of water).
  2. Reduce the solubility of gases (Henry's law) so as to optimize gas exchange.
  3. Accentuate the phenomenon of flotation of the gaseous particles by expansion of the gases in a vacuum.

Vacuum column (VAL ™)

Reactor in which all the key functions of our system operate.

Gravity separator

Used to evacuate the concentrated foam containing all the impurities treated by the column on one side and all the gases on the other. The liquefied foam naturally empties by gravity. The volumes are variable but represent less than 1% of the treated volume since they are very concentrated



Contains water and allows its circulation thanks to its structure.