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Many fields of application

As a separation process, the COLDEP system can be used to purify water, recycle it or adapt it to the needs of an industrial process. It is also a process for concentrating, extracting and collecting suspended matter in water such as biomass and valuable substances. Our system has applications in aquaculture, the food industry, as well as in the treatment of industrial effluents, the oil industry and many other fields. We are constantly developing our range of applications. Contact us if you want to know more or test our system.

Fish farming

Improve the performance of your fish farming facilities with our system which combines degassing and particulate extraction!



Make your raceway microalgae culture more efficient. Water circulation, management of dissolved gases and concentrated harvest combined in a single device!

Shellfish farming

Purify the water of your shellfish with our process to obtain unparalleled biosecurity and oxygenation performance.


Improve the quality of your aquarium water for transparent and pure water.

Water purification

Treat and recycle your wastewater and industrial effluents. The COLDEP system treats water from industry and sewage treatment.

Seawater treatment

Pretreat seawater before use in your projects: deoxygenate, purify and pre-desalinate.

CO₂ bioremediation

Use our system in your carbon-free projects.

Other applications

Our technology can benefit many other fields of application